Saturday, May 28, 2016

33 Things That the Movies & TV Shows Taught Us

1. You should never wear a cape (The Incredibles)
2. We need to be wary of strawberry scented stuffed animals (Toy Story 3)
3. If you want to live in the same home but desire a change in scenery, just tie a bunch of balloons to your home (Up)
4. Fish are friends, not food (Finding Nemo)
5. If you are going to become royalty, keep a special eye on jealous lions (The Lion King)
6. Grasshoppers rule the insect world (A Bug’s Life)
7. Always make sure your potions are properly labeled (The Emperor’s New Groove)
8. Fish control the weather and enjoy peanut butter sandwiches (Lilo & Stitch)
9. Don't go into the watch selling business – the job security is really lacking (The Internship)
10. Instead, everyone should work at Google because it is REALLY cool there (The Internship)
11. If there is a tuba there, it is not a party (Paper Towns)
12. You don't get as scared about things if you sing – remember this the next time you are home alone and have to go to the basement (Paper Towns)
13. If you ever go back in time, make sure you don’t run into your mom because she may fall in love with you (Back to the Future)
14. Chocolate milk has special powers – but we all knew that already, right? (Back to the Future)
15. You could make amazing friends in detention (The Breakfast Club)
16. Always wait for the reviews before attending a new amusement park in case the attractions try to kill you (Jurassic Park)
17. Never swim in the ocean – there are apparently sharks near the shore too (Jaws)
18. Never go to the bathroom – there are monsters there too (Hoot)
19. Egging someone’s home is more than acceptable if they broke up with you because you were going to be blind (Fault in our Stars)
20. If your elephant does not understand English, try speaking to it in Polish (Water for Elephants)
21. If you are going to reunite with the love of your life, bring a garden’s worth of flowers to your neighbor’s living room (The Great Gatsby)
22. Don’t go swimming while waiting for a phone call or you will end up dead (The Great Gatsby)
23. Never stay in a motel by yourself but if for some reason you do need to, don’t shower (Psycho)
24. Be wary of trusting restaurant owners, especially if they own a chicken restaurant (Breaking Bad)
25. Avoid putting Stevia in your tea (Breaking Bad)
26. Ridiculous lies can result in future business ventures (Psych)
27. Tea is like a hug in a cup (The Mentalist)
28. Suits are cool so suit up (How I Met Your Mother)
29. Bubble baths are incredible and if you are a man who is embarrassed about the fact you enjoy bubble baths get yourself a boat to make it a boy bath (Friends)
30. Your family isn’t as dysfunctional as you thought (Arrested Development)
31. If your friend is acting weird, it is probably because they are an alien (3rd Rock from the Sun)
32. We all should live in hotels (The Suite Life of Zach and Cody)
33. Then we should all attend high school on a cruise ship (The Suite Life on Deck)

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